Oh my God, what is this??? You really won't believe what you're seeing!! Chicks who get off by doing some seriously weird shit to their tits - boobs bound to busting point, tits tortured with clothes pegs, juggs being covered with hot wax and yes, even a pair of huge hooters that are being squashed in a wringer - see what I mean, how fucked up is that!!! If you want to see what punishment a pair of thrupenny's can take, look no further - TITS IN A WRINGER has it all!!
18 Min 00 Sec
This bondage virgin has no idea what she's in for! A brutal spanking is just the start. She's heavily punished and has her tits pinched and tortured!
28 Min 52 Sec
This dominatrix found a way to get a bondage virgin in her dungeon and she won't waste this opportunity. She treats this bitch like the trash she is and tortures her until she's begging for more!
19 Min 51 Sec
This slut thinks she can handle hardcore bondage. But when this filthy whore gets her pussy stretched out and her tits all tied up she realizes otherwise!
27 Min 05 Sec
This bitch likes liking boots! She's a sex slave and loves to be submitted... She needs to please her master, she'll get hot candle wax poured all over her ample tits, she loves it!
22 Min 34 Sec
Bound,Gagged and ready for a seriously painful bondage experince, Tit slapping and clit pinching it's all here in this awesome and unmissable movie!
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More awesome Big titty bondage fun! Check out this bondage virgin getting bound, spanked and squeezed! But has she past her crazy mistresse's sexy tests?!
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